Mark Slaughter Benefit Concert for Donner-Galbraith Scholarship

Aubree Marchione had the opportunity to be involved in the Mark Slaughter Benefit Concert in Utah on Nov. 17th, 2009. Proceeds from the concert support the Utah Valley University Donner-Galbraith Scholarship Fund. She and Nick were asked to perform their Latin Dance Medley as part of the night's entertainment. They were introduced by the 4 time Oscar Award winning screenwriter, Barry Morrow, and received a standing ovation for their performance. The night was organized by Stephen Carnegie, from Carnegie Entertainment, along with the help of his dynamic crew. Other performances included: Haley Hendrickson, Mark Slaughter, Brady Fullmer, Steve Bush, Adjacent to Nothing, Broke City, Shannon Lee, and more!

Pictured Above: Aubree Marchione with Kim Peek, the real Rain Man.

While in Utah, Aubree had the opportunity to visit SUNDANCE.

When Aubree is not busy practicing with Nick, or performing around the country at various fundraisers, you can find her working on her prime passion- commercial,television, and film projects.