FITNESS with Aubree Marchione

Aubree Marchione has been involved in the fitness industry for a long time. She has been a soccer coach and national competitor, a swimming coach and competitor, and a professional ballroom dancer. Aubree can now add fitness model to her resume!

She recently posed for Muscles in Balance, a company who helps top athletes and dancers whip into their best muscular shape!

Pictured above:'s Mick Skinner, MMA fighters Pete "Drago" Sell & Joe "Daddy" Stevenson, Wheelchair Bodybuilder Nick Scott, Aubree Marchione

Pictured above: Mick Skinner, Body Builders Nick Scott & Mr. and Mrs. Andy Haman, Aubree Marchione invited Aubree to perform a with her wheelchair dance partner, Nick Scott, at the Boise Fitness Expo in Idaho on May 8, 2010.